Terms of use

Terms of use

Welcome to the country market


Sooqalbalad.net is a leading platform in classified ads that provides sellers the opportunity to list products and services under a number of categories, and an opportunity for buyers to browse, search and communicate with sellers to purchase the listed products or services.

The teachings of Islamic Sharia must be observed in all data entered, whether in advertisements or member data, and any violation of this will lead to the deletion of the advertisement and may lead to the cancellation of membership on the site.

You must ensure that the entered registration data is correct: contact numbers or e-mail, making sure to keep it updated. And if it turns out that this information is incorrect, this will lead to the cancellation of membership in the site.

Improper username or ambiguous letters or numbers are not allowed in the registration process.

The registrant's membership in the site is automatically canceled if a year has passed since his registration and he has not used the site.

The member or advertiser knows that his contact information (phone number or e-mail) that he added on the site will be published on the site so that the other party can communicate with him and complete the business process with him. Accordingly, the site does not obligate the confidentiality of this data. The member and the advertiser are fully responsible for everything related to it and fill it in the site.

The agreements or commercial operations (employing, selling, buying, renting, kissing, etc.) between the two parties to the process (the advertiser and the browser) are carried out directly and without any responsibility or interference from the site.

When adding any advertisement, be sure to add it in its correct place in terms of section and sub-category.

Credibility must be adhered to in all data of the advertisement added (advertisement title, ad text, country, contact numbers, .... etc.).

It is not allowed to repeat the same advertisement more than once, as this will lead to the deletion of all duplicate advertisements, and if the advertisement is repeated by the same member more than once, this will lead to the loss of membership.

Classified ads must be restricted and vague or incomplete ads are not allowed.

It is not allowed to add links to other sites for the purpose of advertising.

The advertiser has the right to add 12 images per advertisement in any section or category

 The following practices are prohibited to the country market:

Create multiple accounts

Sell ​​any accounts

Create any account with incorrect or misleading information

Post duplicate content

Delete and repost the same content

Post content that contains misleading headlines, content or images

Posting content with inappropriate images

Posting content in incorrect categories

Post content at unrealistic prices

Post content with redirect links to other websites

Upload photos that contain names, phone numbers, or any other words

Post phone numbers in the headlines of ads

Post content with prepaid or bank transfer options

Post public content

Post multiple items in one ad


: Any advertisement / post, message or comment, if it is public or private, that contains one of the prohibited content will be deleted

Alcoholic beverages, liquor, illegal tobacco products, narcotics, illegal psychotropic substances, narcotic stimulants of any kind, illegal drugs, sedatives and/or therapeutic substances. You must not provide a direct or indirect link to it or include descriptions of materials, goods or services prohibited by any applicable law

Prostitution or any other service of its nature aimed at violating any law or regulation relating to the representation or portrayal of women or children and contemporary standards of morality and decency in Arab society.

Abusive material intended for use in a sexual setting (including “slavery” and “passionate” material), displaying sexual activity or depicting human genitalia in a “realistic” or realistic manner.

"Antiquities" and "Artistic Treasures" are not authorized for sale or trade under any applicable law.

Information or material that is defamatory, threatening or offensive.

Fraudulent misleading information about the nature and use of goods or services.

Counterfeit, pirated, illegal and/or stolen goods or illegal unauthorized services (services that are not authorized, not authorized, or not authorized to do).

Materials, goods and services that infringe or attempt to conceal any third party's intellectual property, rights of publicity or moral rights and/or aim to violate any personal right to privacy.

Electronic transmission through any means of computer viruses of any kind or any computer program that facilitates hacking of a computer system with the intent of harming a computer or computer network or intercepting any personal data.

 Your information must not include any content that incites hatred of a degrading or defamatory nature that may be directed at any individual or group or calls for violence against any individuals and/or animals.

 Hazardous chemicals and pesticides.

 Fireworks, destructive devices and explosives, including any materials that enable the manufacture of fireworks, detonators and explosive devices.

  Personal identification documents, personal financial records, and personal information (in any form, including email lists).

  Lottery tickets, lottery entries and slot machines.

 Army or police insignia, uniforms, coats of arms and/or any government emblems, insignia and/or military or police related items that are not permitted to be sold or traded under any applicable law.

Weapons and related items (such as firearms, firearm parts and magazines, ammunition, tear gas, stun guns or folding knives).

"Pyramid schemes", "multi-level marketing" and/or similar scams are provided solely for the purpose of defrauding users.

Spam, abusive, repetitive mail, listings, and fraud schemes (eg 'scams

Get Rich Quick” “Home Work” is listed only for the purpose of deceiving users).

Endangered animals or animals declared for combat or offensive purposes.

 Loans, financing services and unlicensed financing companies.

Listing entries for maids or maid waivers unless they are licensed local offices or businesses.

Listing entries or advertisements involving the residence permit transfer process.

Drones and their accessories unless they are legal in the countries listed by the official authorities.


 Souk Al Balad offers a variety of value-added services where users can pay a non-refundable fee to publish their ads on sites

The terms, conditions, and policies posted through our Services set forth the entire understanding and agreement between you and Souq Country, and supersede all prior understandings and agreements of the parties.


 The following provisions will survive termination of these Terms; Conduct and Disclaimers of Warranties, Limitations of Liability and Miscellaneous.